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A Lulu of a Miracle 

Miracles are where they find you 

This is a bit of a departure for Coffee with the Counselor we will be back next week 

Based on a true story 

My daughter Amy and her friend Taylor were on foot somewhere in the city earlier this week. 

They came upon a homeless man and his dog sitting on the curb 

When she saw Amy approach, this little street dog perked right up and made a bee line straight for Amy 

It was love at first sight 

As the girls approached the man, with the clearly enamored puppy they saw tears in his eyes 

“I love this dog” he said, “I just can’t take care of her. I need to give her up but I want to make sure she finds someone who loves her as much as I do.” 

They talked a little more and it became quite obvious Amy loved this little mutt and the dog apparently recognized her soul mate too 

Amy brought this little hound home 

I am not a dog person and neither is Jenny 

By the end of the day this dog owned us both 

We went from there is no way you are bringing that dog into this house to 

no I want to take her out all in one day 

welcome home Lulu this is where you always belonged we just didn’t know it Amazing Grace

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