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I came in this beautiful morning to my office where I have worked for over thirty five years. As I sit here looking out over the magnificent front range view, I think it may be the coolest place on earth. In the heart of the downtown just a half a block south of the courthouse, I think back on the story of my father and the Queen and her Castle.

It was the late 1970s here in Colorado Springs and the Old Courthouse was being replaced by the current Courthouse at Cascade and Vermijo. My dad came here in the late 60’s to practice law and after a few years on Vermijo he figured, as did many other practitioners that a Cascade address within walking distance of the new facility made the old residential neighborhood just to the south quite a desirable location. At the time the area was in some disrepair and the old duplex of houses here on the property at the time were certainly no exception.

Many lawyers coveted this location at the time and were not shy about contacting the owner about selling. Each would approach the door, bang on it loudly and when she answered, each would inquire with typical lawyerly bluster. “How much do you want for these old run down ramshackle pieces of junk?” She was an older lady who was quite reclusive but whatever number each of those who inquired threw at her, her response was always the same, “this junk is not for sale.”

After a long line of suitors had come and gone, my dad went to her door and, in his own unique way gently knocked and then in his best door to door salesman style stood back from the door so she could see all of him before she opened it. When she did come to the door, he told her how much he liked the property and how much he wanted a South Cascade address for his office. My dad asked her if she would consider selling her castle to him. She sold him her castle and for a lot less than some of the other attorneys had offered her for her junk.

I heard later that she was in fact a member of the Hungarian royal family who had fled the country following the communist takeover. Where others saw only junk, my father saw beauty and thirty five years later I enjoy my dad’s Castle on Cascade every day I come to work.

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