Alex is gone for now but not forgotten

Alex left for law school in Oklahoma today. I went to the office this beautiful Saturday morning and enough of his stuff was gone, I knew he would not be here Monday, in the flesh as he has been, every day, for the last six years. I already miss him.
After six years with me, he still wants to be a lawyer and still wants to be my partner. He left enough of his stuff in the office that I believe him. I am glad . He feels like a partner to me, he will be a good one and I am really looking forward to our partnership.

It sounds like a long time, three years of law school, but it is the blink of an eye. That blink of my eye happened thirty eight years ago-

Alex, as my dad said to me in the face of the unknown “You’re in the rapids now, so put up your feet and hold on-”
It is an experience like no other, so enjoy the ride. The days can seem longer than the years, but they’re not-