Alex checks in after week 1

Week 1 complete.

This week has been a crash course into the study of law. There is no time for slow learning I have come to understand. Last week, 1L’s, first year law students, were given 5 class periods to lean exactly how the professors are going to want their classes to run. And then boom into rigorous study we go. My biggest comment to say so far – I have read more in the first week of law school than I believe I did during the whole first year of my undergrad. The first night of Contracts really went to show me just how much about contracts I know nothing about. Law school does a good job at disassembling all knowledge you thought you had about law, or a certain aspect of law, and reassembling it in the way that the professors and academics view it. I realize the line “you gain knowledge in law school, and you learn in real life.”

Here’s to an even better second week!!