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Hiking in Anothers Shoes

I have lived here in Colorado Springs long enough to have seen a lot of what there is to see and do, but I found something these past two weekends that is truly unique even for this area.

Aiken Canyon Preserve is one of the last undeveloped examples of the southern Front Range foothills ecosystem.

It features a beautiful collection of transitional Front Range habitat types, including scrublands, tall grass prairie meadows, pinion juniper woodlands and mixed coniferous woodlands, all within the 1600 acre site.

It is located 11 miles South of Academy Boulevard on Highway 115, Turkey Canyon Ranch Road (located 0.1 mile south of milepost 32)

The four mile loop and 3/4 mile trail up the Canyon took me three hours to complete and is the most diverse and densely foraged landscape I have hiked on the Front Range.

It is beautiful, quiet and remote all within 15 minutes of Colorado Springs.

The variety of plant life and ecosystems all so close to each other, all on one trail make the short trip south seem like a wilderness within driving distance right here on the Front Range.

If you love quiet Colorado hiking, paradise awaits just south on Highway 115.

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Alex’s Journey to becoming a Lawyer is back

Yesterday grades for the spring semester came out meaning that my 1L year has officially come to a close. I am now a 2L.

This first year has sure taught me a lot about how to actually learn. Reading cases and studying treatises is only the start of it. There is so much outside work that has to be done if I wanted to even have a shot at being successful in the first year – the fabled culling year as I heard. But, I put in my work, more so the second semester than the first semester, and thus was able to make it through the year.

I think this is going to reflect on how the rest of my life as an attorney will be. There will never be an easy day. Some things that I do will be simply…but never easy. But I think that is good for me. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me always learning more.

So here is to my 2L year and hoping that I learn even more about myself along with learning some law too.


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